Ampevene is a fresh, experimental fusion of original Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, and other genres. Based out of Albany, NY, the band has opened for nationally touring acts such as Moon Hooch, Consider The Source, Flux Capacitor, and Aqueous. They have played some of the regions best venues including Larkfest, The Hollow, and Putnam Den in the Albany Capital Region, The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, Nectar's in Burlington, Vermont, and Funk 'n Waffles in Syracuse, NY. Ampevene is currently comprised of Gabe Stallman (guitar and vocals), Mack Hogan (bass), Ava Smith (keys and synth), and Brian McKinney Fahey (drums). A pure listening and visceral experience, Ampevene blends a free form frenzy, jagged riffs, and hypnotic rhythms into a tight, psychedelic, sonic landscape, designed to trip up and trip out any listener. Ampevene draws influence from renowned artists such as Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, TOOL, Mastodon, King Crimson, John Frusciante, and more, yet somehow manages to create something completely unique for their listeners. An Ampevene live show will take you through a transcendent experience of sounds ranging from soft floating grooves to heavy math based confusion, and even downright noise, yet somehow the complexity doesn’t obscure the pure emotion, and even comfort that the songs exude. They have recently released their first full length album, Ephemagoria, which can be heard on their music page.